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To give the right direction, you need to know where you are - and where you are coming from, otherwise you’re not in a situation to do any guidance for yourself or anyone else. That’s why a good and solid strategy always is built on a foundation of information.

Strategy is a course of action that leads to the achievement of the goals of an organization or an individual. But without a vision – or let’s say a great idea – there is no reason to make a strategy, or to set a direction. You need to have an idea of where and why you want to go. Great ideas need to go hand in hand with a great strategy, otherwise it is just like participating in a lottery, where the lucky one will be the winner.


For Per Askestad the development of a business plan should always be a logical sequence of stages, which should lead to a measurable targets and a concrete action plan. A goal is what you want to achieve. A strategy is, how you intend to achieve them.


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