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One of the best examples of sublime branding is a Dollar note. If you take a look at a 10 Dollar note, you will realise that it’s basically just a piece of paper. But the truth is, that a dollar note is much more then just paper, it’s an international brand with high credibility - everyone knows the brand and its value - and the logo is known all over the world.


If you look a bit closer at the note, you will see that well-known branding tools has been used. On the front of the paper, you’ll see a classic example of a testimonial and the person portrayed is Alexander Hamilton, the first finance minister of the United States and also the man who launched the brand.


To define the benefits of the brand further, it’s written on the note “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private”. Additionaly it’s stated “United States of America Federal Reserve Note”. On the other side of the note, there’s a picture of a big solid building together with the words “U.S Treasury”. And for those who still not are convinced, it’s added “In god we trust”.



The word ”Branding” is actually a word from the past. Long before polo shirts were attached with alligators, or women’s shoes had red soles - cattle proudly wore logos that were burned into their hides with a red-hot iron. Today a brand is much more then a name, logo or a graphic form. It is a set of beliefs and values in the customer's head. A strong brand can have enough strength to compete a technically better or cheaper product, purely because of the values the customers themselves attaches to the brand. That’s something.


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